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Salinas "Valley of the World" in Monterey County  


  Located 9 miles inland from Monterey Bay's beaches and golf courses, Salinas (pronounced sah-lee-nahs) Valley sits between the Gabilan and Santa Lucia mountain ranges and received it's title as "Valley of the World" from famed author and native, John Steinbeck. The city paid tribute to this literary legend in 1998 with a grand opening of the National National Steinbeck Center. 

Home to a $2 billion agriculture industry supplying 80% of the nation's lettuce and artichokes, other crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, flowers and wine grapes are also produced in abundance here. The secret to the fabulous tasting gourmet meals served in restaurants locally and on the nearby Carmel and Monterey coast, comes from the freshness of the food supply.  If you live in the large cities of the United States and have grown accustomed to grocery store produce, it's easy to forget that vegetables can taste so appealing.  


More "down to earth" than some neighboring communities, Salinas is every bit as charming with stately and ornate buildings which are home to antique stores, restaurants, shops and banks.  While visiting the Steinbeck Center, take a stroll down the street to enjoy century-old architecture in Oldtown district. Gourmet dining and docent-guided tours are just a few steps from the Center at the Steinbeck House, John Steinbeck's boyhood home. 


Other items of interest in Salinas include: California Rodeo, California International Air Show, Cherry's Jubilee Classic Car Show, Salinas Valley Salad Days, Salsa Festival, El Grito Festival and Steinbeck Festival. 

Morgan Hill
Steinbeck Center