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Ethnic Celebration in Westminster, California


Mr. Jao has been involved in the real estate industry since 1975. He is internationally renowned for his expertise in ethnic markets development and well-respected for his work with urban infill redevelopment projects. One of Mr. Jao's claims to fame is that he is the principal developer of an area known as “Little Saigon,” which has over 3500 Asian businesses, located in City of Westminster in Southern California .

In his capacity of CEO of the Bridgecreek Group, Inc., Mr. Jao oversees numerous companies under the Bridgecreek umbrella, which include real estate development, realty services, investment, and international affiliates. For example, under Bridgecreek Realty Investment Services, the company manages over 1100 tenants, providing a wide range of products and services. President George W. Bush appointed Mr. Jao in 2002 and 2003 to the board of the Vietnam Education Foundation, which provides educational exchanges between the United States and Vietnam . Mr. Jao currently serves as Chairman of VEF. He is a member of ULI, ICSC, and other professional organizations. Mr. Jao has recently been named Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee's Eagles.

Over the course of 25 years, Mr. Jao has seen all the ups and downs. He is a survivor of the early-90's real estate market crash. Even during the crisis, Mr. Jao continued to meet all his financial obligations, thus has earned him a well-respected position with numerous financial institutions and investment partners. This reputation has enabled Mr. Jao to finance many of the real estate development projects with great ease, with eager investors as well as Wall Street resources.

Mr. Jao has earned many awards of distinction, both civically and professionally. He has had the honor of being named “Orange County 50 Most Influential Business People” since 1996.

Frank Jao (Vietnamese: Triệu Phát, Chinese: 赵阀, Mandarin Chinese: Zhao Fa, Cantonese Chinese: Chow Faat) is prominent Vietnamese-Chinese American or Hoa in Southern California. Jao was born in Haiphong, to a Vietnamese father and an ethnic Chinese mother in northern Vietnam but his family moved to Saigon when the country was divided into communist North Vietnam and "democratic" and capitalist South Vietnam in 1954.

After arriving in the first wave of refugee Jao is known for establishing the Vietnamese American enclave of Little Saigon in Orange County, California. He developed and currently owns the highly-popular Asian Garden Mall on Bolsa Avenue, which houses numerous Vietnamese shops. He served on the city council of Westminster, California. His company is Bridgecreek Development. He is a resident of Huntington Beach, California.

Jao gained controversy among some ethnic Vietnamese anti-communists when he conducted business deals with the communist government of Vietnam, using money earned from tenants' rents in Little Saigon.

He heads the Vietnam Education Foundation, which retains relationship between the United States and Vietnam. The Le-Jao Center opened at Coastline Community College in Westminster, California. It is named for both Jao and Chieu Le, the entrepreneur and owner of the major Lee's Sandwich chain in California.

Frank Jao fled Vietnam in 1975 to escape communism and seek his fortune in Orange County.

Now, after becoming the biggest developer in Little Saigon, Jao sees Vietnam as a new land of opportunity – a suggestion that once would have drawn death threats from some anti-communists.

Jao is putting his money where his mouth is. For the first time after three decades in exile, he is investing in his homeland.

"Vietnam is geared up. It's a good buying opportunity," Jao, 60, said this week in the Huntington Beach offices of Bridgecreek Development, which has built$400 million worth of projects.

So far, Jao said, he and silent partners have invested about $10 million in two projects. If those go well, he plans to assemble a $100 million private fund for future investments in Vietnam and China.

The investments by Jao – often called the "Godfather of Little Saigon" because his shopping malls helped turn Bolsa Avenue into the Main Street of the largest Vietnamese community outside Vietnam – show how attitudes and economics have changed.
Asian Garden Mall
9200 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, California 92683

n the heat of an Orange County summer, the air-conditioned attractions of the Asian Garden Mall are a temptation few OC Asians can resist. The bustling food court, with its long row of grills, cafés, bakeries, snack shops and pho restaurants is probably the biggest draw. Young people flock to the big CD shop selling Vietnamese and Chinese CDs and hang out at the music café. Families with small children browse the toy and trinket shops. Much of the mall's second level is occupied by a half dozen large jewelry shops competing aggressively to sell you everything from engagement rings to jade baubles.

Completed in 1987, AGM is the work of ambitious Vietnamese developer Frank Jao who, single-handedly, has turned the stretch of Bolsa between Brookhurst and Magnolia into the center of America's biggest Little Saigon. In addition to Vietnamese, Chinese, Coreans (Koreans) and other nationalities are drawn to the mall's elegantly monumental facade, big marble statues, landscaped courtyard and central location just a half mile south of Garden Grove's Koreatown, between Anaheim's giant amusement parks and the beaches of Huntington and Newport.

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To keep AGM in the thick of things, a pedestrian overpass connects the mall to the office park on the north side of Bolsa, another development of Jao's Bridgecreek Group. The only complaint visitors have is that on weekends the big parking lot in the back of the mall gets filled up by late morning.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, shoppers fight for parking spots at the A Dong Market, then emerge with large bags of fresh vegetables and herbs, heavy sacks of rice and armfuls of Vietnamese-language newspapers. There are three daily papers and more than 40 weekly and monthly publications available in the area.

Across the street at the Asian Garden Mall, large families bend over steaming bowls of pho, Vietnamese noodle soup served with piles of mint and bean sprouts. Nearby, crowds line up against the strip-mall railings to gain entry to Dragon Phoenix Palace for dim sum.

Behind the A Dong Market is a statue garden depicting Confucius and his disciples, designed by influential Little Saigon developer Frank Jao. The garden and a shrine lead to the small gate of a new housing development containing neat two-story tract homes, where residents pay a premium to live within walking distance of all the action.

Company Profile

Bridgecreek Group, Inc.- is composed of Bridgecreek Development, Bridgecreek Realty Services, Bridgecreek International, and Bridgecreek Asia – has been a force in Orange County (OC) development for more than two decades.

The firm is now one of Orange County 's fastest growing development companies.

To-date, Bridgecreek has developed over $400 million or 2 million square feet of retail, condo, and apartment space. The group also owns and manages more than 1.5 million square feet of space in Southern California .

Outside of OC, the company is expanding into China where it is building research & development facilities, retail space, condos, and office properties.

Current expansion also includes the Midwest, where Bridgecreek is building senior family apartments and retail centers.

Bridgecreek's flagship project is the Asian Garden Mall, an indoor retail complex of more than 300 different stores in OC's “Little Saigon.” The mall is OC's largest jewelry center.

For the decade ahead, Bridgecreek's goal is to remain global in vision and local in orientation.
Property Address
Leasable Area

Asian Garden Mall
9200 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683
165,000 sq.ft.
Developed, Own, and Currently Manage.

Asian Village Center
9191 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683
140,000 sq.ft.
Developed, Own, and Currently Manage.

Bolsa Magnolia Center
9039 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683
35,000 sq.ft.
Developed, Owned, and Currently Manage.

Dover II
9211 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683
60,000 sq.ft.
Developed, Own, and Currently Manage.

Bolsa West Center
10451-10495 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683
43,000 sq.ft.
Developed, Owned, and Currently Manage.

Cultural Court
9223 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683
165,000 sq.ft.

Far East Plaza
9121 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683
21,000 sq.ft.

Le Loi Retail / Retirement
9355-9361 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683
60,000 sq.ft.

Liberty Square Center
9852-9938 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683
49,000 sq.ft.
Developed, Own, and Currently Manage.

Moran Project
15082-15232 Moran Street
Westminster, CA 92683
120,000 sq.ft.
Under Pre-development.

Paris Professional Center
14550-14560 Magnolia Street
Westminster, CA 92683

22,000 sq.ft.

Bridgecreek Group
8907 Warner Avenue
Suite 108
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Aspen — The aptly named Guttermouth headlines at Belly Up Aspen tonight, while several gigs by local musicians promise tamer fare.

Guttermouth, the love-’em-or-hate-’em quintet of punk rockers out of Huntington Beach, Calif., have made a career out of giving their audiences the shock treatment. The band is infamous for outrageous lyrics and behavior that is deliberately explicit and offensive; audiences either find them hugely amusing or utterly repugnant — or, perhaps, both.

Onstage nudity resulted in a ban on performances in Canada for several years, according to a Wikipedia bio on the band, which has released its 10th studio album with Shave the Planet. (We’d print the lyrics to the first verse of the title track, but this is a family newspaper.)

ASG opens for Guttermouth at 10 p.m. Doors open at 8 p.m. and tickets are $14.

For those who aren’t up for an assault on their sensibilities this early in the week, there are a handful of other options for live music around town tonight:

L’Hostaria has local duo Haden Gregg & Kelly Michel at 7 p.m. 620 E. Hyman Ave., Aspen.

The Crowlin Ferlies play their usual Tuesday night gig at Aspen’s Double Dog Pub from 7:30-10:30 p.m. The group — Sandy Munro, Kory Krahl, John Sommers, Ann Federovich, Steve Johnson, Don Paine and guests — offer a mix of acoustic Celtic, bluegrass and old-time music. 305 E. Hopkins Ave. (downstairs, next to the Steak Pit).

The Cirque Bar & Grill has acoustic folk-rock with local musicians Dan Sheridan and Randy Utterback from 3-6 p.m. Slopeside on the Snowmass Village mall.

In addition, Theater Aspen presents a second night of one-act plays “Dearborn Heights” and “Open Admissions” at 7:30 p.m. at Aspen High School’s Black Box Theatre. The performances star New York actors Amber Gray, Felicia Wilson, Garrett Lee and Kelly Van Zile. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students. To reserve a seat, call 948-9484.

Fountain Valley Town Center Center
16027-16205 Brookhurst St.

Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Acquired in 2004
220,000 sq. ft.
Own and Currently Manage

405 Plaza Center
16501-16527 Magnolia Street
Westminster, CA 92683

Currently Manage



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Debbie Stock

© Debbie Stock

© Debbie Stock
Koreans in their festive outfits celebrate a favorite holiday in the annual Korean festival.  There is a Korean Chamber of Commerce in Garden Grove where you can get information.  Center photo: Look through the window of a restaurant where 30 types of soup are served with mint leaves and bean sprouts. Right photo offers a loft view of  the Asian Gardens mall with its colorful food court. Asian Gardens Mall and Cultural Court are open from 10 am. to 8 p.m., it is located at 9225 Bolsa Ave., Westminster. TEL 714.373.5454; 800.421.2011/ 800.999.7349
  • Korean Chamber of Commerce, 9636 Garden Grove Boulevard, Garden Grove, CA  714-638-1440
  • Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce, 9938 Bolsa Ave., Westminster, CA   714-839-2257
Westminster is also home to the Orange County West District Municipal Court (house)
Westminster Mall - Simon
Senior Center at the Civic Center
Several senior living communities
Old fashioned clocks and telephone booth in the British Westminster theme adorn the Civic Center and Courthouse area.  In the summer, the greens of the center play host to free concerts with musical groups ranging from pop, jazz and blues to country western.