Sacramento's 2nd Saturday Art Walk


Sacramento, Calif.-- is a city of art, architecture, wining, dining, brew pubs and simply the finer things in life.  2nd Saturday Art Walk is a perfect example of what stirs locals to get out and enjoy Midtown. Dressed in designer jeans and waste length jackets containing fabrics from leather to cotton or wool during the winter months, people of all ages congregate at local galleries such as 20th Street Art. Fine wines are offered usually at no charge to accompany art and live music. As popular as the lines formed to see a rare exhibit of Picasso originals, the event fills the galleries to capacity standing room only crowds.


Afterwards, couples and groups wander to nearby restaurants and clubs to grab a bite to eat, sip on cocktails or visit Winko, The One Man Band playing in the Acoustic Sanctuary. 


While Sacramento has no beaches, it enjoys a beautiful riverfront setting and a cosmopolitan environment with warm hospitality to greet a steady influx of people who come to see or do business at the California State Capitol.  Sacramento is also home to over 20 excellent museums and an authentic Old West district with dining, hotels, shops and boardwalks overlooking the river.


For a weekend getaway or even a day's journey by air, book a flight to Sacramento to enjoy the ambiance. It feels authentic and so do its citizens, who generally welcome guests to enjoy their home. Many special events throughout the year fill the hotels so be sure to plan ahead, check the calendar and if you prefer, plan your trip attend the popular events such as a huge Dixieland Jazz Festival held annually.