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13 varieties of hand made fudge, clusters, creams, toffees and truffles, no-sugar and no-salt chocolates and mouth watering goodies such as a popular "Apple Pie Caramel Covered Apple" are waiting at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. From chocolate covered apples to white chocolate covered strawberries, the combinations are astounding but so are the products.  

"I've never tasted apples so big and flavorful," said one customer, pushing owner Steve Daniel to reveal his source for the finest products.  Shifting focus, he said, "It's the real cream butter used in our fresh caramel coating that makes these so great."  The woman, who had a box full of candy apples, said she is a loyal repeat customer, as several others hovering around the shop likewise, said they were. When asked about the shop and its products,  customers were very enthusiastic almost to the point of passion.  I am willing to bet this place is a winner. 

Rocky Mountain Chocolate 200 Main Street (by the fountain), Huntington Beach, California   714-969-0795 
Owner: Steve Daniel