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Robert Anthony Aviles  "Insight"  California Band

Robert Anthony Aviles has broken the musical mold by creating custom instruments to bridge the gap between his vision and a violin that can produce tones as rich and deep as a cello. This master of custom-crafted violins has traveled the globe, wowing sell-out crowds with his unique compositions and never-heard-before sounds.

Once in a blue moon you get lucky and just by fate, are exposed to the works of a genius. Robert Anthony Aviles holds such a title as a visionary who heard a sound first in his head, then explored what it would take to turn a dream into a reality. Working with a manufacturer, he created a six-string violin, and recently broke new ground with a seven-string version. (Traditional violins use only four strings.)



I heard him play at a private party for a political campaign and couldn't believe my good fortune. "What is someone of this caliber doing in manufacturing building, holding a concert for a small group of 150 people?" I asked myself. As his violin's deep sounds cut boldly through the cold air to fill the wide-open spaces of a darkened hangar, the clarity of the melodic notes filled the night, leaving an impression that inspires me now.



I learned that Robert Anthony Aviles isn't just a nice guy who uses his talents to raise money for friends, or for medical care for the poor; and he isn't just a loving son who wrote a song about his mother. The modest man who's performed to sell-out audiences of 60,000 is actually quite handsome with a sizzling Latin look that women can't help but notice. His trim physique, beautiful black hair, designer shirts & slacks, and award-winning grin to match his shiny violin, are part and parcel of what makes him so appealing. Sharing something that Yanni and Barry Manilow both enjoy, Aviles is not only a talent in his own right his good looks have helped catapult him to stardom.



With a selection of tunes that range from jazz to blues, rock to new age, it's hard to pin down exactly what Aviles is about because he does so much in just a single concert. Inspired by classical composers and rock, Aviles' play list often surveys a wide range of musical themes and genre. "What is that song?" you ask under your breath as his band performs medleys ranging from Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy to tunes from Jean Luc Ponty. Skillfully tying seemingly unrelated tunes and themes to each other, he melds classical, jazz and pop into a delicious soup filled with an amazing array of ingredients.



Backed up by a power house of musical talent on keyboards, bass guitar, drums and percussion, most shows feature solo performances to highlight the skills of band members who have toured and played with a variety of renown musicians.



While his concert often includes a full set of popular, recognizable tunes, Aviles loves to inject spiritual blends into the mix with at least a song or two.  Known for his ability to resonate with an audience, his compositions have been tested in a medical environment and the results suggest that the harmonics he's created offer special benefits to certain types of hospital patients.



One of the musician's goals is to offer inspiration and a positive influence to audiences that greet him in Europe, Canada, Japan, the U.S. and elsewhere. Lacking flamboyance, Aviles' presentation is straight-forward, without the hoopla and hair-flicking Yanni uses for emphasis.  What's memorable about the performance is the sound. The music is rich, powerful and offers wide appeal to all ages. If you have an chance to see him perform, you'll be mesmerized by Robert Anthony Aviles and his magical violin.





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