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Robert August is one of the world's great surfers and board shapers.  Winning numerous awards during the 1960's and 70's especially, August succeeded in spreading the joy of surfing by creating fantastic surfboards for years to come. This Southern California surf legend is featured in many films such as The Endless Summer, a surfing film classic.



Robert Alan August was born in 1945 just as World War II ended. This was the era of growth, new wealth and a surfing boom. As the son of famed surfer Blackie August, Robert was born into the surfing scene. His dad was a renowned lifeguard and one of the first surfers to ply the waves of Redondo Beach.  Blackie was a friendly, social man who loved to host parties, introducing young Robert to many of the nation's best surfers during an era of in which the culture was being shaped with great promise, much like the boards to come.

Robert August learned to surf in Seal Beach as a 6-year old kid. So natural was his style that he gained a reputation and by 14, he appeared Bruce Brown films, traveling extensively while maintaining his grades at Huntington High School. In his senior year at HBHS, he was elected student body president.

August threw his cap into the air at his high school graduation and with that toss, embarked on a world tour of the great surfing spots as one of two young guys featured in a surf film classic, The Endless Summer. Along with Mike Hynson he traveled with a film crew and producer to many  areas that had never seen a surfboard. The film played throughout America, giving August the name recognition that would serve him  in business. August received no royalties for his efforts but holds no regrets for the experience of a lifetime.

Bruce Brown made films about surfing beginning in the late 1950s. Released in 1966, The Endless Summer was his first film to receive nationwide exposure. The narrated surfing documentary is one of the finest examples of cinematography from that era. Compared to today's surfing films where the waves are super-sized and the music played full volume in a theme popularly known as Xtreme, the sound track which featured music from The Sandals offered an honest look at surfing without a lot of Hollywood glam. Innocent optimism in Brown's narration that with enough time and money, you could literally follow the summer around the globe, Robert August and Mike Henson, decided to do just that. Their surfboards were their luggage as August and Henson traveled from one coastline to the next, trying the waves in Hawaii, Africa, Australia, Tahiti, and other countries where natives had never seen a surfboard. Along the way, August and Henson learned about people while they searched for the elusive perfect wave.


Back in Southern California, reality came crashing like a wave as Robert August had to earn a living. With an endless passion for surfing, he worked in Jacobs' Surf Shop in Hermosa Beach. He loved shaping the longboards popular during the the early days of the surfing but the shortboard revolution rendered the longer styles obsolete. Dewey Weber, Hobie and Noll quit the business when their boardshaping skills were no longer needed. After one restaurant business venture that left him tired and hungry, Robert August knew he had to get back to his passion. He made shortboards in his Robert August Surf Shop which opened in Huntington Beach in 1974. It later merged with Huntington Surf and Sport. When Bruce Brown made Endless Summer II in 1994, August returned for a cameo appearance. Today Robert August continues to surf the local beaches but enjoys a vacation home in Costa Rica where the surfing is great, allowing him the pleasures of a near-endless summer.


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