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Yoshi's Jazz House and Restaurant San Francisco Top Restaurants


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By GraceAnn Walden

Food History Tours

Yoshi's Jazz House & Restaurant

1330 Fillmore St
San Francisco
(415) 655-5600

Cuisine: Modern Japanese

Pluses: Delightful choices, beautiful decor

Minuses: The cedar-flavored vegetables are not tasty.

Don’t Miss: the chawan mushi with lobster, uni and foie gras, both the
maguro and hamachi sampler, miso-marinated pork prime rib

Prices: appetizers $8-18; entrees $18-28

Overview: It took awhile to be built, but the wait was worth it, both
for the food by Chef Sho and the shows you can enjoy after dinner.
Designed by the architects...> More circles are a recurring theme, in the
shapes and lighting. As noted above Sho’s silken custard (chawan mushi)
is enlivened with foie gras, lobster and uni (sea urchin roe).
The hamachi sampler delights with a sparkling fresh array including
smoked hamachi. A miso-glaze on the pork prime rib adds just the right
amount of sweetness and crackle. With a menu that ranges from sushi to
robata, modern Japanese tastes and some deep-fried items, everyone will
be happy. One night after a great dinner, we caught R & B artist Boney
James – it couldn’t have been more perfect.




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