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Maria's Italian Kitchen Downtown


Maria's Italian Kitchen Downtown main course



Video - Meet Maria Alfano


Video - Maria on fresh ingredients


Video - meet  Manager



Maria's Italian Kitchen Downtown,  615 Flower St., Los Angeles, CA.  (213) 623-4777


Maria's Italian Kitchen Downtown District Operations Manager John T. Savage on location at the new Downtown restaurant.


In the video John T. Savage, District Operations Manager of Maria's Italian Kitchen, welcomes guests to the newest restaurant.


Savage has enjoyed over 14 years working with owner Madelyn Alfano, who has won numerous awards for her great Italian recipes, quality foods, and service.


He invites guests to check out the newest family member, Maria's Italian Kitchen Downtown (Los Angeles), featuring extended service, conference facilities, Happy Hour, Take Out and al fresco dining. There are also shuttles to major concert and theater venues nearby.





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