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Maria's Italian Kitchen Downtown


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Maria Alfano of Maria's Italian Kitchen Downtown Los Angeles



Maria Alfano, the inspiration behind Maria's Italian Kitchen restaurants, shares a few moments at the newest location in downtown Los Angeles.


In the video, Maria talks about starting a business that grew into the successful chain of restaurants owned and operated by daughter Madelyn Alfano..


We met up with Maria at the downtown location on 6th & Flower in Los Angeles. Recently opened, the restaurant is already a whopping success. With evening shuttle service during plays and concerts, guests can dine, get a free ride, then return afterward via shuttle.


Maria Alfano, who the restaurant chain is named for, started a family food business in Brentwood over 20 years ago. An import from Hoboken, New Jersey, with a strong Italian heritage, she brought not only the recipes with her from the East Coast to the West, she also taught her daughter, Madelyn, the rich traditions of Italian cooking that are evident at Maria's Italian Kitchen.





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