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Trevese Restaurant Los Gatos Best Food Reviews by GraceAnn Walden San Francisco


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By GraceAnn Walden


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115 N. Santa Cruz Ave., at Grays Lane,
Los Gatos
(408) 354-5551

Cuisine: Contemporary cuisine

Pluses: Lovely setting in an historic mansion; creative food;
excellent service.

Minuses: On one occasion duck was overcooked.

Don’t miss: The suckling pig, the soft shell crab, coulotte of beef in Port

Prices: Appetizers $12-22; entrees $18-38

Overview: I tried Mike Miller’s Trevese because I was drawn to the
historic building. I returned because in the middle of the summer
Miller had the, ah, guts, to serve suckling pig. I don’t like cinnamon
very much, but the cinnamon-Madeira sauce is a perfect match for the
lean pork with crispy skin. A simple gem lettuce surprises with the
inclusion of a broiled sardine and olive rouille. The King Salmon
grillade again takes an interesting turn with yellow corn grits,
roasted peaches and a basil-vinaigrette. Although I don’t live anywhere
near Los Gatos, I would schlep there for the goat cheese cheesecake
served with a peach-saffron sorbet. And then there’s the
chocolate-pistachio tart with pistachio ice cream. I’m warming up the




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