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Temecula Creek Inn's Executive Chef Salvatore Giuliano


Executive Chef Salvatore Giuliano
Temcula Creek Inn
44501 Rainbow Canyon Road
Temecula, California 92592

You gotta' love these California culinary talents, such as Chef Sal at the wine country resort, Temecula Creek Inn (oh, they have golf, too, and the dining overlooks the beautiful greens.)


When I first began oohing over a bisque that the chef created, in his friendly style he wandered out from the kitchen to see what the fuss was about. And when asked, he talked about himself. Italians are generally great story-tellers, and the discussion is more about the way you tell a story than whatt's actually said.


Chef, when do you begin cooking? 

Sal: "I started when I was a kid, around 11. I had to work for my dad's business, for free. That's where I learned to cook, by first doing the ordinary stuff...cutting, packing, etc. It wasn't glamorous. It was work. And remember, my dad didn't pay me."


Make no bones about it. Chef Salvatore Giuliano is as pragmatic as they come. He speaks willingly about his dishes, his staff and if he holds some secrets back, you wouldn't know. I suspect when there's a pause and a smile, he's thinking of some secret ingredient that makes the dish exquisite. Or maybe he's thinking about something completely different.


Comparing the kitchen at Temecula Creek Inn to an orchestra in which he is the conductor and his staff each play particular instruments or roles, you begin to notice that the joy for this Southern California Wine Country talent is about the "whole". Producing foods for catered weddings numbering close to 100 each year, serving gourmet meals, brunches, wine pairing meals and seasonal menus for the hotel, plus managing a staff of 20 or so chefs, cooks and food preparers, could make a person sweat. But this chef is cool, calm, and passionate in an understated way.

Executive Chef, Salvatore Giuliano, is a self-taught culinarian starting from the age of 14. After years of working in family owned restaurants and learning authentic recipes from generations of culinary mentors, Sal has developed a love of country cuisine. His wine country meals have evolved from an appreciation of rustic country cooking, ripe with bold flavors and satisfying portions. He strives to compliment local Temecula wines in his signature recipes. Sal has developed several dishes, such as his “pan seared halibut with burnt brown butter noisette, crispy seared chicken deglazed with hot cherry pepper jus”. He strives to compliment local Temecula wines in his recipes. His introduction of Colarado Rack of Lamb has received rave reviews with Temecula Creek Inn patrons.




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