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Top 9 Restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area by GraceAnn Walden



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Enrico’s Sidewalk Café

504 Broadway
San Francisco
(415) 982-6223

Cuisine: Contemporary cuisine with a Mediterranean bent.

Don’t miss: The lovely oysters, the duck liver pate with cranberry, the
pear and Gorgonzola pizza and the steak

Prices: Appetizers $8-13; pizzas $11-14 and entrees $19-23


Cuisine: Contemporary cuisine with a Mediterranean bent.

Pluses: the new look is inviting; comfy lounge, live music and good

Minuses: Not open of lunch.

Overview: I have been going to Enrico’s since the late Enrico Banducci
owned it. It was the first sidewalk café in San Francisco. In the early
seventies, Enrico’s had lots of drama, good drinks and mediocre food.
Rick and Meredith Hackett bought it after a long closure and presented
great food and jazz every night. Eventually they also closed and a new
generation, remodeled it, giving it a new hip vibe. The outdoor café is
still there, but couches have been added for the chocolate martini set.

The food is terrific. You have to get the fig, Gorgonzola, arugula
pizza. For those pasta spinners, try the fettucine with a tomato-pork
ragu. Can life get better than a cool jazz quartet and a hot braised
veal shank over fried polenta? Yes, it can. Order the hot fudge cake
with dulce de leche and bananas.




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