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California Pizza Kitchen Broccoli Pizza Photo and Location Information


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California Pizza Kitchen is a popular restaurant chain, CPK, that expands its menus and locations constantly. The food is pretty good and the prices are mid-range. Starting out in California, of all places, the chain includes corporate owned and franchise restaurants, plus an ASAP California Pizza Kitchen which you often find on busy corners near office parks or at Los Angeles International Airport. California is where you'll find the most California Pizza Kitchen Restaurants. The company was formed by two Los Angeles attorneys and the corporate headquarters are in L.A.


With the majority of California Pizza Kitchen restaurants emanate from the LA area, and spreading from there to Orange County, then San Diego where you'd expect to see many more. There is a cluster of them in San Francisco and Sacramento, but the restaurants are sparse in outlying regions that don't meet the population numbers. Nevertheless, the company seems to continue to grow, with the international market holding strong. 


Los Angeles Area California Pizza Kitchen locations span Ventura and L.A. Counties with close to 50 locations serving pizza, pasta, salads and cocktails.


Northern California's California Pizza Kitchen Locations


Orange County California Pizza Kitchen locations include approx. a dozen or so, and no doubt, will continue to grow.


San Diego County California Pizza Kitchen locations offer only a handful of the restaurants, surprisingly. With a growth model that appears to target mall locations, and especially mall re-makes, it's likely that the number of these restaurants will increase as older models get a new lease on life and fit the trend of outdoor, mixed use entertainment centers featuring shopping, movies and food.


First recognized for their Barbeque Chicken Pizza introduced over 20 years ago over 200 restaurants in the majority of US states, and in countries that include Shanghai, China near the Ritz Carlton at the Retail Plaza Shanghai Centre (open till 11:30 p.m., plus full bar); four locations in Hong Kong; Jakarta, Indonesia; several in Japan; Malaysia; several CPK stores in Mexico City; six in the Philippines; Singapore and South Korea.


Pizzas are hearth baked in a 500 degree oven for five to seven minutes. Acquiring a bread crust and slight, smoke flavor, the toppings favor Asian, Vegetarian and traditional toppings that utilize a play of sweet and salty tastes.


In addition to the Pizza Kitchen expansion, in 2004, frozen pizzas were introduced into supermarkets. Pricier than most pizza and seldom discounted to a similar level of other frozen pizza products, the pizzas still cost less than their restaurant pizzas. They don't taste as fresh and good, but then you pay half as much.


When you dine at a California Pizza Kitchen, you should expect to spend about $15 -25 per person, unless you manage to share a pizza and don't order much else. The pizza is delicious and the ingredients are fresh. The appetizer bread basket is not the best items considering you'll soon be eating pizza. The bread comes with pats of butter or margarine and what's missing from the table are bottles of fresh olive oil you'd expect to see in the price category and quality of food. For that reason, the meal still resonates as the "fast" approach.



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