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Blue Water Grill Newport Beach, California Restaurant Photos & Information

Blue Water Grill in Newport Beach's Lido Isle overlooks the bay and Cannery Restaurant. Shown above is the Oyster Bar Menu, sourdough bread, tacos, and a fish sandwich. Blue Water Grill is an affordable, casual fish house overlooking the Newport Bay. It's menu is extensive, and its offerings include all sorts of fish dishes and catch of the day posted on the Fresh Fish board.  Business luncheons, couples on the the run and families dining out for fun all find this restaurant comfortable and enjoyable with the views of the bay constantly in motion. Little Duffy boats glide by (Newport Beach is home to the electric boat called the Duffy) and the sun often shines on this piece of paradise.


Having eaten at the restaurant several times, I can attest that the food is pretty good. But the strongest point of the Blue Water Grill is its atmosphere. If you stop by the Cannery and compare prices, plan on saving up to $10 more per person at this smaller restaurant with its great outdoor or indoor seating.


As a tourist visiting, you'll most often be staying over at the Balboa Bay Club or Fashion Island's Hyatt, Marriott or The Island Hotel. While you'll find ample gourmet dining surrounding the hill where the shopping center called Fashion Island is located, you may want to wander toward the water and bay. This restaurant would not be categorized as gourmet to my thinking. But it is quite satisfying, as is the sourdough bread served fresh with butter to your table.




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