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Photo of Beverly Hills Cheese and Wine Shop


beverly hills cheese store
beverly hills cheese shop


Beverly Hills Photos: Beverly Hills Cheese and Wine Shop 

Photo of Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills, California


Beverly Hills Cheese and Wine Shop is an amazing place filled brim to the ceiling with gourmet import and locally crafted California cheeses.


In addition to this favorite food, there are wines galore, olive oils and fine and fancy foods to accompany the delicious, delectable cheese varieties..


Beverly Hills shopping is associated with upscale and expensive, but as average gourmets find this store one of many jewels containing affordable foods that are unique, and offer top quality that chefs and cooks select for meal preparations served on their cheese plates and in their restaurants.


Walking into the store the smell is comfortable and not what you'd expect with all those cheeses. It doesn't smell like a cheese factory or even a shop that contain so much of one type of well-wrapped food item. The scent is definitely pleasant, mellow and not sharp or biting like some varieties of cheese. Nor does the store smell strong and pungent like a bleu.


One of best finds that we'd heard about long before going came from Templeton, of all places. Discovering Olea Farms Abequina olive oil blend from the French couple that makes it, along with selling their import French antiques, we discovered that the gourmet oil is sold in the Beverly Hills Cheese and Wine Shop. It's just one more reason to embrace the Beverly Hills shopping experience. Originally from Spain, Abequina  olives are small, round olives producing an oil with an intense yet delicate flavor that works well for cooking or salad dressing. Olea Farms Olive Oils are served in fine restaurants and found at select gourmet stores.


Living some 35 miles from Beverly Hills, our shoppers make it a routine to drive to Beverly Hills several times through the year, and shop at a list of our favorite spots, including this amazing shop.


When visiting Beverly Hills, there are actually a few hotels that are affordable and cool. One we checked out for a great overnighter / shopping spree was The Crescent, named for its location on Crescent Street. It is a small boutique style hotel looking much like a house. The Crescent decor is modern and the rooms had tunes. Checking into a room you may find an IPOD filled with songs, and discover if you like the selection you can have it downloaded into your own, purchasable IPOD billed to your hotel room, which is small, but neat, and affordable by Beverly Hills standards. This hotel is in the heart of shopping and dining, making it the perfect option for a shopping visit or night on the town.





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