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La Querencia Cocina Serving up Wild Baja Game Menu
Escuadron 201 No. 3110
Tijuana, Baja California Norte, Mexico
01 664 972 9935


With a passion for the outdoors ever since his father took him fishing and hunting as a kid growing up in Baja Mexico, Miguel Angel Guerrero Yag├╝es, has enjoyed not just the sports, but the amazing tastes of fresh fish & game. In fact, he grew up challenging his imagination with endless possibilities of adding herbs, olive oil, fresh spices and ingredients to create food dishes that amazed his family and friends. The joy of a great meal turned one young man into a creator of an entire genre of cuisine that has had heads turning ever since he opened his unique restaurant in Tijuana.


 The lifelong acquaintances with the region’s ranchers and fishermen gave birth to the inspiration behind Baja Med Cuisine “to bring the warmth and quality of Baja and its people to the table”, says Guerrero Yagues.  Three major culinary themes directly influence Baja Med Cuisine; Mediterranean cuisine, Mexican cuisine, and Oriental cuisine.


With the heads of game animals mounted on the walls, the cocina is a casual spot that opens daily around 1 p.m., serving local politicians, celebrities, and the Hollywood crowd in search of the world's finest cuisine. An unassuming building houses the trendy restaurant filled with huge chalk boards featuring the latest menu items, and too many to count.

Silver polished tables and modern dishes offer up a host of specialties you simply won't find elsewhere. For Californians and visitors to the Golden State, you can grab a lunch across the border and find yourself treated to one of the finest meals you will ever experience--especially when seeking exotic meats, fish, and preparations that use ingredients to enhance the natural flavors.


Traditional steaks, chicken, pizza, and yummy desserts are also served. But for those who long for oysters on a half shell, clams in a spicy sauce, and other treats, this place is a must visit. All you need is your passport for easy return back across the border into San Diego.



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