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Anaheim Popular Restaurants Near Disneyland


Anaheim Popular Restaurants near Disneyland Hotels


Anaheim has over 100 pizza restaurants. The popular California Pizza Kitchen and Naples Pizza Ristorante.


My repertoire of dining in and around Disneyland may not be quite so typical of tourists and locals--or maybe it is. Having dined on foods in the most popular hotels at special events, I've tried nearly every banquet meal and dined on faire ranging from Disneyland Hotel meals to Marriott, the Grand California hotel and even Disney's lavish spreads inside the theme park for special travel & tourism events. (A Canadian journalist friend and I once looked at two HUGE chocolate bars that were part of a table display at California tourism conference reception inside Disneys Grand Californian, and were encouraged to take them home. She took the dark chocolate back to Canada and I lugged the delicious white chocolate bar (each weighed close to 20 pounds) back to Huntington Beach. We still joke about the quality and size of servings on that Disney spread.


Then there was the time our family dined at Club 33 ($50 a pop for luncheon buffet), and my finicky kid ate only cheese and crackers--one slice of cheese and two crackers. It didn't matter that I wasn't paying for the meal. It was painful to know that $50 was being wasted on a kid who was unhappy. Why wouldn't he eat the lamb, lobster, quail eggs and the like? While you may not have opportunity to eat at this private club, the next best thing (and better price is down below it at Blue Bayou. As a matter of fact, the food servers run between the Club 33 kitchens and the Blue Bayou main floor restaurant. When someone asks me to go to Disneyland, I immediately think of the Cobb Salad served at the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. It's dark in there and you hear the sounds of waterfalls and crickets from the ride that surrounds you, Pirates of the Caribbean.


Anaheim excels in serving affordable food ranging from Denny's and lots of family style meals, to upscale such as the White House, a fine dining place in a house, or Mr. Stox for steaks, a power broker place. JT Schmids is a great microbrewery and sports bar where you'll sometimes see athletes hanging out. It is across the street from the Pond. (


With over 100 places serving pizza (and many delivering to the Disneyland hotels area), what Anaheim does best is serve up budget, kids, family, fast, cheap, affordable, breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. In addition to the chain food offerings, there are some standouts that locals and travelers who spend time in Anaheim get to know and count on.  What you'll find is that you simply won't go hungry in Anaheim. Like bringing food on flights, people dine on Disney, but they also venture outside the park for meals, where there's plenty of great food within walking distance.


Right outside door of Disney in Downtown Disney, the restaurants offer themed dining in half a dozen places that are tried and true. One of my favorites among the ESPN sports zone, Catal and Ralph Brennan's Jazz Club is Naples Pizza Ristorante.


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