Toontown Disneyland Color Photos  Disneyland Anaheim, Calif


toontown disneyland color photos
kids at the toontown fountain
toontown crowd and kids fun pictures



Toontown is tucked away in the very back Disneyland theme park in Anaheim..  Seen in the color photos above, it is a stage set right out of a cartoon that could be easily missed if you didn't venture beyond "It's a Small World" ride. Toontown boasts that its architecture doesn't include any straight lines. Accessible through the tunnel passage behind Small World, there is also a Disneyland train stop that lefts you off at this delightful playground with several rides and lots of hands-on exploration.


Fairly low-tech, Toontown is a kid's playground where the young imagination can soar.  From a toy model car kids can sit and and just pretend to steer, to an actual kiddie playground, plus a couple rides such an easy going roller coaster for children, there are lots of snack options, burger and hotdog stands, restrooms and a centerpiece water fountain. In the middle of a town square (circle), Mickey Mouse stands atop three cascading tiers of stands, his baton lifted in the air as if directing a band. On separate small islands below, cartoon characters with musical instruments shoot out water into the huge circular pool surrounded by a bench seat guests can sit on to enjoy the watery scene.


Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin Enter Toontown Cab Company and pass Baby Herman's apartment, Ink & Paint Club and board a Toon tax, following Roger & Benny's trail through town, pursued by Weasel.
Chip 'n Dale's Treehouse Pass though an opening at the base of a tree house and climb a staircase that spirals up through the trunk.
Gadget's Go Coaster
3-year; 35" minimum height

An adventure above and around  Toon Lake.  The coaster train consists of 1 lead car with 7 trailing cars.
Goofy's Bounce House
3-year; 52-inch max height
Enter Goofy's themed Victorian house which is located next to Toon Lake. Children enter the living room where they can literally bounce off the walls.
Mickey's House; Minnie's House; Miss Daisy; Donald's Boat Hands-on kids exploration experiences
Jolly Trolley Ride bounces gently along Toontown streets.