Tea Cups & Saucers  Disneyland Photos of Teacup Ride


Have you ever ridden a teacup such as those seen in the photo abovee? By putting your hands on the wheel and pushing or pulling, the cup spins faster. This fantastical ride, also known as Mad Hatter Teacups, was first introduced to the public in 1955 in the original Disneyland park in Anaheim. The tea cups come in many pastel colors such as peach with orange trim, turquoise, pale yellow, lavender and powder blue. Each cup is set in a saucer that guests step onto, climbing in the cup through a door that swings open. Up to three adults and two children can squeeze into a tea cup (the comfortable amount is three to four people). Once seated on a bench-style seat that wraps around in a circle with the centerpiece flat table guests can grab onto, you pull together in one direction to get the tea cup spinning even more than the ride, itself offers with its pre-programmed spin.


Some guests really work the wheel so that they spin at a dizzying pace. Such fun is completely optional and most riders with children let the ride do the work, turning and twisting in a fun manner without too much action.


The tea cup ride is set to approx. two minutes, which is just the right amount of time to enjoy it without getting bored. In the amusement business, there's a fine art to maximizing an experience and Disneyland, the top theme park in California and Disneyland theme parks globally are the world's largest theme park entity. They've had years to refine the experience for guests and have it down to a science, as you'll discover when delightfully climbing aboard a tea cup, minus the tea. Enjoy this video and watch more great Disneyland Resort Theme Park videos