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Mickey Mouse Bandleader Fountain in Toontown Anaheim



Mickey Mouse plays bandleader at a delightful fountain in Disneyland's Toontown in Anaheim as shown in the picture above.


You probably wouldn't care to pay the price of admission to Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., just to take a peak at the centerpiece water fountain in Toontown, but once you are there, this structure offers delightful fun for all ages.  In the middle of a town square (circle), Mickey Mouse Bandleader fountain sits. Mickey, himself, stands atop three cascading tiers of stands, his baton lifted in the air as if directing a band. On separate small islands below, cartoon characters with musical instruments shoot out water into the huge circular pool surrounded by a bench seat guests can sit on to enjoy the watery scene.


Sometimes the bench seating that surrounds this fountain is so popular, the views of the structure are obscured by the mass of people.  Kids love water and you'll often find they can't resist sticking their hands out to catch the droplets that spray like a mist in the air.  Or sometimes you'll see a child quickly plunge a hand into the watery world while a parent watches on, making sure that toddler or youth doesn't go any further.


Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks at Disneyland Resorts make ample use of water both in landscaping and in rides.  The water works well to break up the boring look and feel of concrete that carries tons of traffic, millions of strollers, wheelchairs and walking, shuffling feet throughout the park.


In addition to the use of water in the fountain above, and in rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and It's a Small World, Disneyland employs landscapers to pristinely prune the roses, cut back the flowers for maximum color and bloom and keep the live plants looking beautiful.  For instance, Toontown would not be so much fun without the water treatments and live plants that accentuate huge sums of concrete in most every nook and cranny. While designed to mimic the cartoon movie that interjects live people into artist-created surroundings, the living things  allow kids and adults to maintain interest without being overwhelmed by the sense of isolation in a lifeless, make-believe world.