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Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort Photos and Information
21100 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach
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Hilton Hotel Ocean Views in Huntington Beach California are enhanced by the grading of the property which sits on a hill above Pacific Coast Highway.


When gated "The Waterfront" housing community was constructed behind the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort several years ago, there was not a ghost of a chance that new homes would have ocean views, blocked by the hotel's front row position across the street from an obstructed Huntington City Beach. Still the houses sold rapidly and people said the location could not be beat. Redevelopment of older hotels, trailer parks and fields in this area the fronts Pacific Coast Highway has created an upscale, Mediterranean look that those driving along Pacific Coast Highway in the mornings and afternoons have time to absorb as traffic comes to a stop for approx. four blocks during commuting hours.


Just beyond the the Hilton and neighboring Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa is the old-style HB. Fields, a power plant and Orange County water treatment facility line the road, along with an RV park, some mobile homes and boats. With the approval by Huntington Beach City Council of a desalination plant, it's unlikely that portion of the coast will be enhanced  minus the industrial appearance any time soon.


But when you stay at the Hilton, all eyes are on the prize...the ocean and the Huntington Beach Pier. Sunsets offer the most romantic views of the jewel-like, sparkling water. Dancing with diamonds, the ocean is peaceful, beautiful and beckons most from their rooms to go explore the flat, sand paradise.


When you book a room, "Garden Views" are not "Ocean Views". We are not sure what the official description of a garden view room is but you will have to pay more for an ocean view setting. If you think the extra expense is not worth it, you can have that ocean just by walking out the door, pressing the stoplight and crossing the highway when the sign changes in your favor.