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Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride Video - Fantasyland Disneyland Calif.


Dumbo Flying Elephant Ride Video Disneyland California



Everyone knows that elephants can't fly but try telling that to Dumbo, the Flying Elephant who's taking guests on a ride in Fantasyland at Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, Calif.


As guest board an elephant (two per car, max,) the soar gently into the air glide in a circular motion above a water fountain. The Dumbo cars that extend from a center column are neatly painted to enhance the riding experience and fun awaiting those who head toward Fantasyland at Disneyland.


Dumbo Flying Elephant ride began when the Disneyland Anaheim theme park first opened in 1955. There are 16 elephant cars to board and ride and operate via a joystick that allows guests to steer the elephant car up and down. Rotating in a counterclockwise manner, the cars spin on an axis in a regular motion that's not too fast for even small children.


The next time someone thinks he or she has seen a pink elephant, remember that they aren't crazy. They're at Disneyland enjoying the ride.