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California Kids Disneyland Christmas Vacation | Anaheim California Theme Park Pictures


girl touches disneyland christmas tree
two little girls in red at disneyland theme park

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 California kids Christmas vacation--Disneyland Christmas Tree with its huge red, green or silver globe ornaments as big as a child's head, become the marvel for two little girls all dressed in red in the picture above. Both children are fascinated with the look and feel of these shiny decorations, and both girls are cute as buttons. One wears a Santa-dress with white fur trim, red leotards and black shiny patents. The other girl in the photo has on a long velour cape with taffeta lining, white leotards and ruby red shoes that sparkle. Simply adorable, their parents must be really proud of these darling girls. And their reward is to go to a California theme park, Disneyland, to enjoy the holiday merriment that greets all ages during the festive holidays at this California theme park.


As you walk through the entry gate to Disneyland, an amazing tree stands tall, looking spectacular with its towering heights that children can barely grasp their minds around.  Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth is a wonderful vacation tradition for California kids and visitors from around the globe. Christmas just lights up with bows, wreaths and if you stick around after dark, tree lights that sparkle in the Southern California nights.


There's probably no better place to take a Christmas card photo of your kids and family than Disneyland. While the Orange County theme park has signs posted, showing you great places for great photos, use your imagination, because Christmas is a whole new game.  During the holiday, you'll find unusual placements of holiday decorations that are not factored into the "take a picture here" postings.


And if your kids don't have the ideal outfit, just take a few steps from the Main Street tree and purchase cute little outfits for the children to wear for their Christmas vacations at Big D.