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Tomorrowland Astro Orbitor Ride Video





Astro Orbitor Ride Video from Disneyland Resorts Theme Park Anaheim



Astro Orbitor ride shown in the video clip was once known as the Astro Jet, for those who visited Anaheim's Disneyland park back in its early days. Changing its name several times since, Astro Orbitor comes from Disney imagineering as a futuristically-styled space ship that revolves in rudimentary, earth-bound fashion around a centerpiece sculpture of circular shapes rising to the sky. Observatron, a satellite-themed sculpture that rises from the rocket, is accented with gold and silver paint details. 


The Astro Orbitor ride premiered in 1998 after renovations to Tomorrowland (which had become quite dated in appearance) re-opened.

The Astro Orbitor was planned to be placed where the Rocket Jets were, but weighed too much for the current building. It is no located to the right of Main Street as you enter the park and continue to the right of Sleeping Beauty Castle. You can't miss its large balls, spiral shapes and other designs that mimic popular science fiction concepts of the future.


The ride is not a thrill ride, per se. It goes up in the air and circles around at a fairly fast pace. But you'll seldom hear anyone yell out in surprise when riding it. Akin to an old-fashioned carnival ride, it does enjoy popularity and has survived numerous names and reincarnations. Some predict it will experience another such genesis as Tomorrowland is refined and reorganized for maximum use of space.


In the evenings when the fireworks show is launched, the ride takes up so much space and creates such a presence in the show viewing area that moving it would make sense.