Redwood City, CA - Travel and Things To Do

Redwood City, California, is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is filled with fun places to visit. Redwood City is rich in history and local lore. From its earliest inhabitation by the Ohlone people, to its tradition as a port for lumber and other goods, and to its place as the county seat, our community respects the past as it builds for the future. The first things you will notice when you get to Redwood City are the giant Redwood trees, which is where the city's name originates. The trees and excellent climate help make the city a beautiful vacation spot.

Aside from enjoying the weather and trees, there's plenty to do in Redwood City. A popular destination is Courthouse Square, which acts as an artistic center to the city. Several types of free artistic events happen on the Square throughout the year, but the busiest time for these events is the summer. During this summer, Courthouse Square offers free movies, concerts, and even Shakespeare's plays. However, even when a sponsored event is not on the Square, you can still enjoy the scenery and buy snacks from the local vendors.

Redwood City is home to excellent dining. The La Biscotteria is said to have the most delicious, authentic biscotti that you'll find anywhere. Other local dining experiences include the Princeton Seafood company. There you will find salmon and chips, and a delicious clam chowder. On a lighter side you will find Sigona's Farmers Market with impeccable produce, and an awesome cheese selection. The Pacific Euro Hotel is an excellent place to stay. With clean, large comfy beds, and a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, it comes highly recommended. Excellent deal for the price

If you are with your kids, you may be looking for more engaging activities; Redwood City also offers these two fun-filled destinations: the Redwood Roller Rink and the Malibu Grand Prix. At the Redwood Roller Rink, you can rent roller skates or roller blades and skate to music played by the DJ. Roller rinks are fun for all ages, since you can choose you own speed. If you someone does not want to skate, then they can enjoy some snacks outside of the rink and play arcade games.

At the Malibu Grand Prix, you can choose from a variety of activities. The name might confuse you since it involves Malibu, but this place is in Redwood City. Here the main attraction is go karts. While you are racing in the go karts, your race times are recorded. Not only do you get to compete against others, but you also get to compete against yourself! In addition to the go karts, Malibu Grand Prix offers mini-golf and video games. There are a variety of payment packages available here. You can pay-per-play, or you can find a package such as unlimited rides on the go kart course. After doing all the activities offered here, you can enjoy several different food options, such as pizza or french fries.

For a more relaxing time in Redwood City, you can go to the Fox Theater. The Fox offers many different types of shows and is a great way to end your fun-filled day. Acts appearing at the Fox include comedy groups, plays, rock bands, and orchestras. You will have to check what's playing when you visit Redwood City, since the acts vary by night. However, you are probably going to enjoy whatever's playing that night, since the Fox Theater usually brings in great performers!

Overall, Redwood City offers activities for all types of residents and travelers. If you're from out-of-town, you may need to plan to stay multiple days to complete all the activities that are available to you.

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