Redondo Beach
County: Los Angeles  Population: 63,000  Information: (800) 282-0333  

Redondo Beach Harbor

While there is some dispute as to how Redondo Beach was named, the Visitors Bureau suggests Redondo Beach might descriptively refer to the land "around the willow salt flat" since maps once named the region Sauzal Redondo.

In 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed into the Santa Monica Bay and discovered the beauty that local Native Americans already knew. In the late 1700's through the late 1800's Redondo Beach was a rich farming and ranching area that was part of the 43,000 acre Dominguez Rancho set aside in the Spanish Land Grant of 1784. 

Around the turn of the century, Redondo Beach proved a perfect deep water harbor and fast became an important part of the thriving Los Angeles area trade. Rail, sail and steamship lines served a thriving lumber and shipping business. Redondo Beach was also a popular resort stop providing recreation and rest for crowds of "inlanders". 

The city incorporated on April 29, 1892 and, though eventually losing the shipping business to the Port of Los Angeles, continues to be a popular resort location, a thriving center of small and large businesses and one the the most popular and safest places to live. 

The City of Redondo Beach holds many treasures including the Pier and International Boardwalk; Riviera Village, "town within a town"; the Galleria shopping mall; King Harbor Marina; and much more. 
It's also known as a Mecca for athletes. Numerous competitions in a variety of sports include the upcoming Super Bowl 10-K Run. Miles of bicycle and jogging paths, volleyball nets, excellent waves for surfing and swimming and a sandy playground to enjoy all these activities in keep visitors and locals on their toes.

Did you know? that Redondo Beach King Harbor is one of the best Bonito fisheries in California because of the warm water outlet from the nearby power plant which keeps these particular fish species in the harbor year round. These fish are great fighters because they are related to the tuna. Pound for pound it is the best fighting fish. Food wise they are a little strong tasting, but if cleaned right away and put on ice they taste like tuna. Most fish that are caught in Redondo Beach are edible. -From Jimmy!!!!!!!