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Tulip Photo - California Red Tulips, Pink Tulips




Tulips - Red & Pink Tulips Photo


Tulip mania occurred in Holland in the 1600's. A single tulip sold for the equivalent of several thousand dollars by today's standards, and included a certificate of authenticity.  A tulip crash brought disaster to many investors. Today tulips are sold as bulbs for planting, in pots as home decor and in cut flower arrangements.

Tulip colors include pink, lavender,  peach, orange, red, purple white, yellow and bi-colors. Vase life is up to seven days.



Shown above in the photo is a mix of pink and red tulips, once considered the rare flower that only the wealthiest people could afford.  There are many shades of tulips, a graceful flower shaped like a vessel that could hold ingredients if its stems were petals were connected to contain the items within.  The shape of a tulip actually does act to preserve it longer and keep its petals cool and moist in the sun. Associated with places such as Holland known for massive fields of tulips that bloom in the spring, the tulip requires a freeze as it rests underground, then grows and blooms when the weather gets warmer. The tulip (tulipa) is a genus of about 100 species of flowering plants in the family Liliaceae. Native to southern Europe, north Africa, and Asia east to northeast of China and Japan, it is a perennial flower. It grows from a bulb anywhere from a few inches tall to approx. 2 feet.  Waxy-textured with long,  green leaves and large flowers with six petals, each flower contains a dry capsule containing numerous flat disc-shaped seeds. Tulips com in shades such as red, pink, yellow, white, lavender, purple and peach.

Tulip Festivals are held in the Netherlands and in North America every May. North of California in Oregon, the Wooden Shoe farm celebrates a tulip festival each year (usually March through April)  In California, Tulip Hill Winery in Nice, California contains more than 30,000 tulip bulbs that bloom each year, thanks to the region's cool winters. For many areas of California such as the mild beach regions, there's one way to get tulips to grow. It requires purchasing bulbs and keeping them refrigerated till around December when they should then be planted. Before planting, store the bulbs in paper or netted bags (not plastic) for six to eight weeks in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. Do not mix them with fruit. When planting them, plant in full sun and well-drained soil.



In the early 1600s, Dutch and European aristocrats acquired tulips as a status symbol.  "Tulip mania," was an actual phenomenon in which a tulip bulb could command the equivalent of $2,300 along with a notarized bills of sale to authenticate the bulb's origin and owner. Some compare it today the boom and bust. Fortunes were made and lost on the acquisition and sale of tulips. A book called Tulipomania documents the tulip frenzy that took place in Holland in the mid-1600s. Lack of regulation and poor quality control were both contributed to the abrupt crash in February 1637. Fortunes were lost, people ruined and debts went unpaid in a crash similar to the famous stock-market crash of 1929.






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