Nello's Place, Redding, CA

Nello's Place

3055 Bechelli Ln
Redding, CA 96002-2008
(530) 223-1636

Nello's Place on Bechelli Ln in Redding, CA is in the Beach California section(s) Full-Service Restaurants and All Other Personal Services. The map of Nello's Place shows the approximate location in Redding, but you should call them at phone number (530) 223-1636 to verify their address is 3055 Bechelli Lane, Redding, California 96002-2008 and to get hours and driving directions. Some of the brands and departments of Nello's Place Redding are Vegetarian Selections, Up to 100 People, Table Side Cooking, Steak Diane, Salad, Pasta, Homemade Manicotti, Homemade Lasagna, Homemade Cannelloni, From The Boiler, Famous Specialties, Complete Full Course Dinners, Chicken Rossini, Chicken Parmigiana, Banquet Facilities Available and All Seafood & Steaks Mesquite Broiled. Credit cards and payment types accepted at Nello's Place Redding are American Express, Master Card and Visa. For more information on Nello's Place Redding their website URL is

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1830 Hilltop Dr
Redding, CA 96002-0212
(530) 221-8700
1.2 miles from Nello's Place

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2827 Bechelli Ln
Redding, CA 96002-1922
(530) 223-3586
0.1 miles from Nello's Place

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