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California restaurants come in all shapes and sizes (and flavors). The Beach California Restaurants Food and Drink Directory has every type of eatery you can imagine. And if you want drinks too, then we have you covered. Coffee the next morning?? Yes we have you covered still.

Browse our restaurant directory and you’ll find unique cafés and delis in all corners of California’s great cities and towns. Want to avoid the Denny’s and IHOP’s of the world and find local food, then dive deeper into our listings. Of course we have all the fast-food options too, but we have everything.

Ethnic foods are always fun to explore. You’ll find delicious Italian, French, Greek, and other European dishes. Asian food options abound from Vietnamese Pho, to Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese sushi or teriyaki. For a different variety of spicy from the Asian options, seek out a Mexican food restaurant – California is known for its Mexican!

There are so many other restaurant options, but here are a few more categories to consider. How about pizza (remember that there are many different types of pizza joints from Chicago deep dish to New York style to Greek to the American “Pizza Hut” type places). There are many take-out pizza places as well.

Feeling like seafood tonight – well you can find finely prepared options in the many fancy or casual seafood houses and quickly prepared options in the form of tasty fish and chips. Another option is barbecue – so many BBQ restaurants to choose from (and wow can that get spicy).

When it gets hot (and it does in Socal) you’ll want to search for ice cream parlors and healthy yogurt shops. We have many of both.

In the morning you are going to want coffee shops and tea houses to get you going. From Starbucks to the local java bean roaster you’ll find one close to where you are staying. Many bakeries and bagel & donut shops can be found throughout California too. Get a pastry or an “everything bagel” and a “tall triple-shot Americano with room” and you’ll be ready to roll.

Our directory of California bars, taverns, pubs, (or whatever you might call them) is comprehensive. We have listings that include wine bars, breweries and brew pubs, cocktail lounges, and night clubs. Want to enjoy a wide variety of microbrews, or taste several single malt scotches, or do some wine tasting – if so, we have many options for you. Stay out on the town as long as you want and enjoy your time in Northern or Southern California!