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What time does the beach open and close? 6 AM to 10 PM daily

What are the height of the waves right now? Range from 1 to 12 foot swells. 
Can you tell me where lifeguard station number _ is located?
Can you give me a street address for the beach so I can map it on Mapquest? The Pier near 317 Pacific Coast Highway (Duke's restaurant)
Do you have handicap access and parking at the beach? Yes, city and state lots are mandated by law to offer spaces for handicap parking
What kind of awnings are permitted on the beach? Sun shades, gazebos, umbrellas, that are open and non permanent and non obstructive can be set up for you day visit, but must be removed when you leave. 
Where can you picnic on the beach? You can picnic anywhere you live, but no glass containers are permitted. There are picnic tables north of the pier on a grass lawn and picnic tables near Seapoint Street on Pacific Coast Highway. Picnic tables are offered at concessions for customers. 
What is the best way to meet friends at the beach as it is so large?  You can pick a cross street such as Brookhurst, Beach Boulevard or landmark such as the pier. 
Can I drink alcohol on the beach? No, alcohol is not permitted on the beach. The closest permissible drinking is at Chimayo's outdoor patio.
Where can I find seashells on the beach? Usually along the water's edge.
Where can I jet ski? The closest jet skiing is at the Long Beach Marina or along the shore in Long Beach at Belmont Shore.
Where are the beaches? The beaches are located along the ocean west of Pacific Coast Highway between Brookhurst Street and Warner Avenue.
Can you take bottles on the beach? No glass bottles are allowed on the beach
What kind of activities can you enjoy at the beach? Swimming, surfing, volleyball, skating and roller blading, bicycling, jogging, fishing, kite flying, wind surfing, boogy boarding, skim boarding, sunbathing
Are propane tanks allowed on the beach? No, they are not. They are allowed for campers in the RV camping areas, however.
Are cars allowed on the beach? No. The only time you will ever see a car on the beach is by special permit for an advertisement, film production or vendor with previous permission granted.


Can you provide me with information about your hotels? Yes, the closest hotels to downtown include Surf Inn, Sun n' Sands Motel, Beach Comfort, Quality Inn, Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort and Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa (opening January 2003). There is also a youth hostel called Colonial Inn Hostel.
Where can I get information about vacation rentals? There aren't many vacation rentals in Huntington Beach. 
Can you give me the name of an inexpensive/cheap hotel on the beach?
None of the hotels are directly on the beach in Huntington Beach.  The lowest price begins with Surf Inn, then Sun n' Sands and Quality Inn. Ohter affordable alternatives to downtown include Ocean View, Pacific View and 777 on the north end of Pacific Coast Highway near Seal Beach.
What is <blank> hotel like?
What does your hotel availability look like for a specific date?
Are there any "green" hotels in Huntington Beach? No
What is a youth hostel? It is a hotel with shared bedrooms and bathrooms, shared kitchen facilities and issuance of blankets and sheets. It's guests are primarily youth travelers. 
Can you give me the phone number for hotels?

State Beach--Bolsa Chica  (714) 846-3460
(800) 444-7275

Can you give me the name of a hotel for about $60 a night? Try Howard Johnson's, Huntington Surf Inn, Beach Comfort, Ocean View and Pacific View. Some may offer that price from time to time.
Can you tell me the name of a safe hotel? All the hotels are safe. 
Can you tell me the name of the hotel closest to the Civil War Re-enactment? The closest hotels are Howard Johnson's, Guest House International, Huntington Suites and Best Western Regency Inn
Are there any hotels on the beach without a road in between? No, not in Huntington Beach


When does the next copy of the Sands magazine come out? Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
What is HB like? Safe and friendly
What proof do I need to prove I am exempt from transient occupany tax?
Can you provide me with the name of a local Roman Catholic church? St. Bonaventure, St. Simon and Jude
What is the phone number for the library? Central Library (714) 842-4481
How can I rent out Murdy Center? You must call (714) 960-8895
What is the phone number for Shipley Nature Center? Shipley Center will be closed for over a year for refurbishment
Where is Shipley Nature Center located? It is in Central Park West
How big is Huntington Beach? It has a population of nearly 200,000 people and encompasses 28 square miles of land, 26 square miles of water, and is the one of the 20 largest cities in California Where can I obtain a passport? Huntington Beach City Clerk's Office, City Hall, 2000 Main Street
What is the population of Orange County? 2,890,444 in 2001 California 34,501,130 (US Census Bureau)
What is the phone number for the HB Art Center? 374-1650
What is there to do in HB? Movies, shopping, the beach, sports, dining, kayaking, theatre, concerts
When is the Children's Hour at Central Library? It varies, call (714) 375-5107
What things are available for kids ages 2 to 4? The beach, the park playgrounds, story time at the library, community services programs for residents


How far is it from <city> to Huntington Beach? Point to Point Source
Can you provide me with directions to Huntington Beach? Take the San Diego Freeway (405) and exit on Beach Boulevard, Brookhurst, Edinger or Golden West Street