Hangman's Tree Placerville California

Hangman's Tree Tavern, 305 Main St., Placerville, (530) 622-3878 #141 Hangman's Tree, Placerville

California ghosts

Several ghosts are said to live in Placerville (once called Hangtown) but none are more recognized than the Hangman's Tree ghost. The California Historical Landmark NO. 141 commemorates a tree, which once grew on the grounds of the Hangman's Tree Saloon.  It is not known if the ghost is the late Colis Huntington, the California railroad magnate, who once owned the building. What is known about this spirit is that it likes to play tricks. It may move and object or make something temporarily disappear, according to one bartender there.

The Hangman's Tree Saloon ghost is not the only spirit that's still around. Across the street at the Carey House, the beautifully restored hotel filled with antiques and charm, likewise makes a good home for another friendly, invisible creature.  There are likely many ghosts of this ghost town that once served the California Gold Rush. It was initially called Dry Diggins but changed its name to Hangtown for the many hangings that meted swift justice to offenders during the mid 1800's. 

As you drive into Placerville, which exudes the charm of over 150 years of formation as a city, the lifelike dummy  with a plaid shirt, a single suspender, work pants and  boots noticeably hangs near a second story window of the Hangman's Tree Tavern. Stop by the Hangman's Tree saloon to have a drink and talk with the locals. You may event feel the cold breeze of the ghost who lingers there.