Colorful Foliage along Placer Valley's Historic Highway 40


The Southern California Mountain Resorts of Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead also enjoy a more subtle color change worthy of visiting and photographing. One fine arts photographer from Big Bear Lake is well versed in foliage photography.  Timothy Wolcott of Wolcott Photography sells his fine art photographs in Big Bear Lake, CA Call: 909-584-1720

California Leaf Peeping - While high profile New England enjoys over 20,000 foliage reports in a year, California has its fair share of color displays. Though less reported and publicized, the beautiful leafy canopies of brilliant displays of yellows, oranges and reds on local trees rival other places.

The shows are prominent in Northern California Counties and Sierra Nevada mountains and foothills. Milder colors can be observed in the Monterey / Carmel region, as well. 

While color-spotters report that vines in Napa are red, Ophir Wines viticulturist Paul Burns states that if the leaves are solid red, the vines are usually in distress. To the left is a leaf from the Ophir vineyard in Ophir, California.  Notice the spotted coloration of this healthy plant.

Weekend fall foliage getaways in California