Pine Mountain Lake Airport - Groveland, California
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Pine Mountain Lake Airport is owned and operated by Tuolumne County. Facilities on site include: fueling, maintenance, parking and coffee shop.  This is a Noise Sensitive area. Avoid flying over Pine Mountain Lake. 

Pine Mountain Lake, California features a gated entrance to a private community of Pine Mountain Lake adjacent to Groveland. The main gate at Ferretti Road, partially circumscribes the development. The community is built around a reservoir impounding Big Creek. When full, the reservoir level is about 2,500-2,550 feet above mean sea level. The highest points in the community are about 3,100 ft. There is currently no US Post Office mail service. Residents must use PO boxes in Groveland.

Populated by pine and Manzanita trees, the community enjoys both year-round residential and rental properties.  Pine Mountain Lake Country Club, which includes a golf course.

Pine Mountain Lake at at Groveland, California is 30 miles south of Sonora; 26 miles west of entrance to Yosemite National Park; 126 miles east of the San Francisco Bay Bridge and 115 miles south of Sacramento.

Phone Number:  962-8966 (pay phone)

North Latitude 37, 51' 45", West Longitude 120, 10' 40"

Elevation:  2,900 feet above sea level

Runway:  27/09, 3,663' long with 100' (lighted) overruns at each end. Surface is asphalt cement pavement. Right traffic runway 27, avoid overflying lake.

Taxiway:  3,500' long, paved.

Lights:  Runway and rotating beacon, VASI - Runway 09, PAPI - Runway 27

Tie Down Area:  Paved, approximately 54 tiedowns. 5 transient tie down available on west side of ramp south of fuel pumps.

Unicom:  122.9

From VORS:  Freq. Radial DME Miles

Modesto VOR (MOD) 114.6 052 degrees 40
Merced area VOR (HYP) 114.2 001 degrees 40
Stockton Area Linden VOR (LIN) 114.8 092 degrees 41