Subject:   The Artvest/Harbor Gallery Newsletter for Summer 2000
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    Dear Subscriber,

    First, we have made a few modifications to our website
    ( you may or may not notice when you
    enter the site. In compliance with Eyvind Earle's wishes we and several
    other authorized galleries have limited the number of images you will find
    on the site. The images change daily, so you need to check it out each day.

    Also, we are now displaying Behrens' works again. Since his settlement
    with his old publisher, he is more open to having his works displayed on
    the internet. 
    Eyvind Earle has just released his new serigraph "Santa Fe Trail".
    Exclusively for our newsletter members we have set up a web page at where you can view the new work
    by this 84 year old master. (If your email program doesn't display this as
    a link, just copy and paste the url to your browser.)

    Also new, up and coming artist Tito Tarrago. If you haven't seen his work
    yet, go to We had 44
    originals by this artist a month ago and have sold 10 within the last 20
    days (including one to a U.S. Senator). His original work is now showing
    in several other galleries at $3,200 to $4,200 for similar sized works
    that we have for $950 to $1200. There are several shows planned for Tito
    within the next few months.

    Several months ago I reported on giclee or iris printing. There was
    controversy over the longevity of the vegetable dyes used to produce these
    limited edition reproductions. Since then there have been several changes
    made, such as the use of inks that will last at least 75 years instead of
    dyes that only last a few years. The process is now great for exact
    "reproduction" of originals (excluding texture). I use the term
    "reproduction" because that is what it is -- whereas printmaking
    techniques done by hand such as serigraphy, stone and metal plate
    lithography, etchings, etc. are each unique by variations in the making of
    the screens or stones/plates, coloration and monor variations in the
    pulling of each print (note: a print is a limited edition not a poster).
    More on this later.

    With the purchase of any Eyvind Earle serigraph receive "The Poetry Of
    Eyvind Earle" book.

    I hope all is well with you, and hope to see you in the gallery soon. 

    Joel Hensler
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