Petaluma, California Haunted Tours


PETALUMA - Halloween Historic House Tour - Petaluma, California. This fun & spooky tour is held the Sunday before Halloween each year and combines spine tingling old houses with local history. Costumed docents at each location share the real (and Surreal) history and lore about the homes and the past inhabitants.


Petaluma is a town that time forgot since it was saved from destruction during the 1906 earthquake. No one knows why Petaluma was able to come through the earthquake unscathed when all the towns surrounding it were hit with major earthquake damage. Because of this, Petaluma has one of the largest collections of pre-1906 historic homes. Founded in 1858 Petaluma was known for supplying everything the 49ers needed by way of the large schooners that would load up the butter, eggs and other manufactured products and take them by way of the Bay into San Francisco.


Besides supplying the material needs of the 49ers, Petaluma was also known for being one of the safe havens for vice in the 1800's. Houses of ill repute plied their trade without any interference from the local police. Bars lined the streets leading down to the river and served alcohol to thirsty workmen day and night.


Eventually the sins of their husbands became too much to bear, and the local Women's Temperance Union forced the closure of the Bawdy houses and bars, but only temporarily. Even today, there are those who claim that the old buildings that housed the ladies of the evening are haunted by ghostly wayward  women still attempting to sell their wares.


The Halloween Historic House Tour takes you back to the early days of Petaluma's past and lets you experience an old-fashioned Victorian era Halloween. This tour is perfect for the whole family because it combines history & chills in equal measure. Location: 200 Prospect St., Petaluma, CA