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8 Best Parks in Huntington Beach


Huntington Beach, California --While we have visited practically all the parks in Huntington Beach, there are a few that come in as favorites for a specific location, view or characteristic we thought you might enjoy knowing about. First of all, Huntington Beach public parks are free to enter and enjoy.  A new Huntington Beach Sports Complex and other fields and park sports facilities charge fees for use. Yet, you are never charged a fee for taking the children to play on the fantastic gyms and swings in this new park and several others. So let's get to the current favorites:


Hiking - Bartlett Park provides the best hiking in Huntington Beach public park system. The trails are small and mellow but you can at least gain a sense of remoteness. Bartlett Park has two entries but the easiest to find is the parking lot of the Newland House Museum on Beach and Adams behind Mother's Market.


Dogs - It's a tie between Dog Beach and Dog Park. Some dogs are afraid of the water, no kidding! That's what owners at Dog Beach on Pacific Coast Highway between Seapoint and Golden West Streets tell us. If your dog just had its hair coiffed, then you better head straight to Dog Park in Huntington Central Park on Edwards at Inlet Drive. Several pet groomers who live in Huntington Beach take their canines to Dog Park.  We have seen dogs with an American flag shaped in their fur in red, white and blue, pink polka-dotted poodles and more. This Dog Park is for pampered pets. Be careful, they tend to start running and having fun and messing up those new hair-do's.


Jogging - Central Park gets the vote for jogging. It provides well over a mile of of trails between the two sides of the park combined.


Picnics - There are so many choices. For a small group, we really like Seabridge Park for overlooking multi-million dollar mansions. For mid-size groups, Edison Park features 4 separate rental patios. For the big picnic, Lake Park has the best cooking facilities.   

Playgrounds - The new Harriet M. Wieder Regional Park has a different look and rides that kids seem to enjoy. It is located near Garfield and Seapoint.


Kayaking - The easiest beach to launch a kayak from is Seabridge Park. With ample parking, a shower, restrooms and gentle beach slope, it is easy launch without worrying about your car.


Weddings - Farhquar and Lake Park provide the best hassle-free weddings in a scenic location and established neighborhood.


Variety of things to do - Central Park is number one for activities and sports options. Edison Park provides night lighting for racquetball and handball courts and includes many ball sports. It makes a good second choice.


Skateboarding - Huntington Beach has lost its edge, so to speak, when it comes to skateboarding. But a new skatepark is supposed to be built.


Where are you going to park? It used to be that romantic couples could park and smooch in Huntington Beach. There aren't many places left to do that these days. With almost complete build out of the city, and video cameras at nearly every post, how are you going to get any privacy? The long and short answer these days is to get a hotel room. Maybe you can't afford much. A couple emailed and asked us where to get a cheap hotel room. The lowest priced rooms are actually in Westminster and along Beach Boulevard in HB. The Super 8 in Westminster sometimes has rooms around $70. But for cheaper yet, we found something at Days Inn Costa Mesa for $66. The Eden Roc in near Disneyland had a room for $44.99 when we last checked it out.


And if you want to seal the deal and get him or her to be yours for the long haul, it might help to spend a whole lot more. Our favorite in Huntington Beach for making that dream a reality are rooms overlooking the ocean at the Hyatt Resort.