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Newport Beach-- Newport Beach peninsula stretches approximately 4 miles from Pacific Coast Highway to Channel Road, the end of the road where the famous surf spot, The Wedge, with its large surf breaks close to shore is located. Boats glide seamlessly in and out of the Newport Harbor as people ride bicycles, walk, rollerblade and enjoy the cement paths, beaches and roads such as Newport and Balboa Boulevard.

Newport Beach offers more vacation rental properties than surrounding beach cities and the mix of old time locals, newcomers, fun seekers, vacationers, renters and celebrities such as Dennis Rodman who enjoy this vibrant area with a feel reminiscent of the metropolitan beach communities near Los Angeles such as Hermosa and Manhattan Beach.

While housing is expensive along the peninsula and restaurants and shops come and go as the rents continue to climb, the architecture is a mix of old cottages, bungalows and beautiful custom homes. Famous restaurants along the peninsula include the Crab Cooker and Tail of the Whale. Famous landmarks include Newport Pier, Balboa Pier, Dory Fish Market, the Pavilion and the Fun Zone. Located near the intersection of Balboa Boulevard and Main Street, Newport Harbor includes boat rentals, a daily boat ride to Catalina Island, 45 and 90 minute boat tours of the Newport Harbor and the Newport Beach Ferry.

Winter weekdays on the peninsula can be quite docile with few staking claim to the sand and waves. Just the opposite of the solitude enjoyed during that time, weekends and holidays, (especially during the summer) can bring traffic to a standstill. On 4th of July, the streets into the peninsula normally close in the morning and only foot traffic and buses are allowed. Living on the peninsula can be a fantastic experience--local pubs and shops are within walking distance of most homes and the beach is always a block or two within reach. If you don't have a parking garage or driveway, however, parking a car can be a frustrating experience at times. Parking tickets are easy to acquire since metered parking is prevalent and parking spaces are not always easy to find.

We wouldn't want to discourage you from visiting the peninsula, however. It is a great place to spend a night in a local hotel such as the Balboa Inn and listen to live music next door at Studio Cafe. You can take boat rides, sunbathe, skate, jog, read a book, eat every type of food and live it up.




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