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When visiting Huntington Beach, California you may pass a white building atop a hill along the busy, commercial Beach Boulevard. It's quite surprising to see this well restored house, a Victorian charmer, sitting within a shopping center plaza next to Mother's Market health food store.

Getting there: The Newland Center is easily accessible from Beach Blvd. near Adams Ave. See MAP

What you are looking at is the original home of the Newlands, one of the turn-of-the century (20th century) reminders of what this upscale, re-stuccoed beach town once was. It was farm country with rich land, bogs, swamps and big families.


The Newland House was preserved by the Huntington Beach Historical Society and funded as a non-profit  museum that offers tours, contains artifacts and even provides event services (outdoors and barn behind the building only) on the grounds of the restored house. Some sort of funding relationship between the City of Huntington Beach and the caretaker / tour providers exists to keep it open for public touring.  The City of Huntington Beach maintains the lawns and facilities and rents out the barn and lawn garden for weddings and events.


Hours: Saturday & Sunday Noon - 4 PM, except holidays. Donations of $2 requested. *SUBJECT TO CHANGE OF THE ENTITIES OPERATING THIS FACILITY.  Location: 19820 Beach Blvd.,   Huntington Beach  CA  92648     (714) 962-5777




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