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Newland House Museum Photos Huntington Beach, Calif.

Huntington Beach, California -- Newland House is a Victorian home built in the late 1800's in Huntington Beach California for a family settling to the region to farm the land.  Located in a shopping center, it is one of the few remaining houses in Huntington Beach built before the 1900's.  It has been transformed into a museum and is filled with furniture, relics and a collections of Indian baskets and cog stones found in Huntington Beach and believed to be used by a Native American Indian tribe long before the Newlands settled on a mesa overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

When Mr. & Mrs. W.T. Newland built this house in 1898, Huntington Beach was named Pacific City. It was named Huntington Beach in 1904 when Henry Huntington built a train system from Los Angeles to the beach and agreed to include this coastal stop on his route in exchange for the name and some development interests.

The Newlands were farmers and city founders, instrumental in helping form banks, commerce and a variety of businesses and city government necessary to operate this growing town where oil was found, creating a boom of huge proportions.

The Newland House is operated by an Historical Society and funded through a grant from the City of Huntington Beach. Its operations do not yield income and generally operates in a deficit. With only a few dollars charged for tours that are available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the venue actually benefits from a modern barn with meeting space behind the building. Weddings, parties and meetings can be held at this rental facility which is simple, but includes the setting behind the Newland House. 

Newland House 19820 Beach Blvd.,   Huntington Beach  CA  92648     (714) 962-5777 map & info






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