Naples, California

Naples School 


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Naples Elementary School curriculum is designed to inspire a child's curiosity and independent thinking.  Teachers engage students in a variety of learning experiences, assisting them in gathering information in a way that it can be processed and applied. Naples students create real learning products. 

Meet the Masters introduces children to the lives and works of four famous artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Winslow Home and Pablo Picasso. 

Marine Science Classes  include seashore field studies in the surrounding region and Naples lab, field trips to aquariums and weekly hands on lessons for small groups.  The program exceeds local and state science requirements.

Computer Lab Instruction and after school computer groups are held.

Pictured above: Naples Elementary School -  Where Every Child is Valued 
Enjoy the 1925 style architecture on Naples Elementary School. Location: 5537 The Toledo, Naples  in Long Beach, CA 90803   Info:  562-433-0489


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Naples School