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Naples Island California

Naples can seem tiny and crowded but it is simply lovely. Palm trees sway in a bay breeze while  children frolic in the sand or paddle around in colorful, little kayaks.  

Anchored sail boats and yachts bob up and down on the gentle waters of the Alamitos Bay which feeds into the Pacific Ocean.  

So user friendly is this place, one street which fronts the bay is closed with a barricade during the summer so children can cross it safely to access a sandy beach..  Naples offers a roll back in time to the good 'ol days. The prime attractions in Naples are the canals, bay and beaches. 

There are hidden treasures such as Treasure Island, a gated community of approximately 6 houses.  One property behind the gate recently listed for over $11 million.  

naples1x.JPG  Photo ©  Debbie Stock

As for the streets, it's unanimous: driving around Naples is tight, very tight.  Narrow streets with cars  parked each direction or alleys wide enough for one car to enter is what you can expect. A wait for a car or two to pass, backing up once or twice and watching out for the kids on their scooter boards and bicyclists peddling along, should keep you fully occupied.  It is not a place where you should drive fast and by all means, err on the side of caution.  

Pictured on the map below in gray with a black line running around and through it is Naples. Some street names have an Italian word plus "di Napoli"  which means, "of Naples".