Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria Downtown Disney - Anaheim, California


Naples Ristorante Downtown Disney
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Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria in Downtown Disney offer outstanding service and meals

1565 S. Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA (714) 776.6200


 California dining



Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria includes an entertaining display of pizza tossing. Perfect for the entire family, pizza, pasta and salads are few items served in the Lunch and Dinner menu. Cuisine type: Italian described as "a whimsical taste of Southern Italy". Priority seating: (714) 776-6200. Open daily for lunch and dinner.


Delicious hand-tossed pizzas with the freshest cheeses and herbs offer some of the finest pizzeria dining that Orange County has to offer. Located in the entertaining Downtown Disney shopping and dining complex next to several great hotels and two Disneyland theme parks, (Disneyland and California Adventure,) you'll be surprised that tourist dining can be so good.  When exploring its ownership, we discovered the the Patina Group, operating dozens of affordable cafes and mid-level to upscale dining experiences at museums, concert halls and theme parks, is responsible for the great menu and delicious cuisine. After dining at their Cafe Pinot restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles, we have become fans of their menus and preparations. Each restaurant employs a top chef to create menus and oversee preparations.  At Naples Pizzeria, the chef on our last visit was Joseph Gotti, formerly with Wolfgang Puck, the Water Grill and Domain Chandon.


As you enter the ristorante, you can see the pizzas prepared in view-areas where guests can watch the dough being tossed. With an Italian-style tile floors, a vibrant color scheme and several dimensional signs and statues with caricature masked, Italian chefs, and rich wood accents in a beautiful cocktail bar at the far end of the restaurant, the decor appeals to both adults and kids. Upstairs Terrazza dining offers views of Downtown Disney and is ideal for parties.  Giardino outdoor patio seating features twinkling fiber optic lights at night and seats up to 225 people for parties and corporate gatherings.


 You start your meal with some tasty breads and butters. Appetizers are a stand out and can easily satisfy your hunger, so be sure to ask your food server about size and servings before ordering. We started with the heavenly Polenta con un ragu della salsiccia, a polenta cake with sausage and pepper ragu. It was unique and tasty. We also order a favorite for some in our group, Calamaretti Fritti, fried calamari in a smooth, light tomato sauce with a hint of spice.


There are a handful of insalates on the menu, including one I would have tried if the group had agreed. Called Insalate alla Napoli, it includes romaine, red onions, roasted red and yellow peppers, garbanzo beans, and olives, tossed with a cream Italian dressing. Our group agreed on the more traditional Insalata di Corte, a Caesar salad with hearts of romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese and croutons. It was very nice.


For entrees, we selected several dishes to pass around the table. With eight people, there wasn't much to sample if you were the last in line for the pass around of a plate. But I managed to get a taste of Lasagna alla Napoletano, which was  fresh and light tasting. I wish our group had focused on the pastas and lasagnas because they were exceptional. But the majority preferred pizzas so I sampled several two kinds, the Pizza Margherita, which was very good. The Pizza Con Pollo di blanco was my favorite of the two. It included roasted chicken, kalamata olives, fresh mozzarella and fresh chives. 


Fortunately, Naples Pizzeria is a restaurant worthy of a repeat visit, so I intend to order some of the more exotic and interesting items on my next trip. Family style dinners are offered on the menu. For fun, the chef offers cooking classes from time to time. It's a perfect method of gaining some insider tips, plus opportunity to sample some great foods.


Suggested family menus for gatherings may include Salmone con Caponata, a pan-seared crispy skinned Atlantic salmon served with a ragu of tomatoes, eggplant, olives, garlic and parsley. Or try Tibia brasata Dell'agnello which is Lamb Shank braised in red wine and fresh herbs, served over a cannelloni bean ragu and garnished with natural juices. Taglietelle di Brasato Rinforzi is homemade flat pasta tossed with red win braised short rib ragu. You can customize your menu with the help of the chef and staff.


There's something for everyone and it all tastes very fresh and delicious. The pastas and lasagnas are made from scratch; the pizzas are baked in wood ovens. Whether you're on the road vacationing, on business travel or live locally and are gathering for an occasion (one of our friends was celebrating their departure from a company), you'll enjoy the casual dress code, comfortable setting and finest Italian meals. Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria didn't cut corners on our meals. Quality cheeses, hand-picked herbs and ingredients made our Italian faire memorable - truly a cut above.


It's so appealing, in fact, that locals enjoy this user-friendly complex for dining, shopping and strolling close to the Disney vibe, best described as "being a kid."


Parking: Self-parking is available with the first three hours of parking free. An additional two hours can be validated for dining restaurants.  Valet Parking is offered from 5 p.m.- 2 a.m. for $6 (note: the fees may change, so please check before you go by calling!)




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Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria includes an entertaining display of pizza tossing. Pizza, pasta and salads are perfect for the entire family. Meals served: Lunch and Dinner. Cuisine type: Italian. Priority seating: (714) 776-6200. (Patina Group restaurant)


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