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Elmhouse Inn
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Hotel Reviews
Elmhouse Inn
Embassy Suites
Silverado Country 
Club & Resort.

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.Population: 70,000 
Napa's Stately Wineries and Beautiful Fields where Tourists can visit and taste (see list below)

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Napa, California was born out of the Gold Rush of the 18400's. Distraught miners who sought comfort and refuge from the treacherous cold of the mountains, flocked to the gentle Napa Valley with its mild climate.  Who could know that over 150 years later, Gold Fever would be as strong as ever?  Napa's "Gold" continues to shine today as guests from around the world seek not the metal mined from the hills, but something cherished just as much as a precious gem. It's the land that now fulfills the promise, yielding golden grapes for wine.

Enjoy the wine! Bountiful, pleasurable and within reach, everyone who's come of age (21 years), can sample and purchase hundreds of wines from Napa's nearly 100 wineries, tasting rooms and estates.  Napa's golden crop just keeps getting better as cultivation and blending methods improve with age, along with an industry which has matured from its early roots when the Spanish padres made California wine in the 1700's. 


The word "napa" possibly came from the name given to a Wappo Indian Village that Spanish and Mexican explorers found when entering Napa Valley in 1823.  How quickly things changed! Believed to have existed there for thousands of years, the village and its  inhabitants began to disappear, along with  elk, grizzly bears, panthers and deer! By 1870,  most of  the Indians inhabiting the valley were wiped out by smallpox and other diseases brought by the new wave of immigrants from around the world. The  remaining natives  were taken to Alexander Valley, where a few descendants now reside on government reservations.


Progress marches on - The City of Napa was laid out in 1848 by Nathan Coombs on property he received from Nicolas Higuerra, holder of the original Spanish Grant. Cattle ranches and sawmills prospered, fed by another rush when silver mines and quicksilver were discovered  in Napa Valley in 1858. In short time, the mines were stripped of their treasures and the valley settled into simple pleasure, with an emphasis on farming once again. With over 90% of wine exports from the United States originating in California, Napa Valley is recognized as a  premier growing region. Cottages turned into castles as those with the right formula, packaging and promotion succeeded in attracting large numbers of guests who trickled in at first, but now come in large numbers, supporting everything from a wine train tour around the valley to a bed and breakfast industry. 

Though family excursions are especially popular during the summer months when school kids are on vacation, Napa caters to adults. Wineries are for the 21 and older crowd and some bed and breakfast inns have an "adults only" policy. 

Serve fine wine and they will come - Gourmet restaurants with world class chefs have set up shop in Napa, as well.  The City of Napa enjoys entertainment not seen in places with ten times the population.  Musicians, artists, chefs, vintners, entrepreneurs and benefactors who love Napa's charm and small town feel, have invested in the city's health.  Projects such as the American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts provide incredible opportunities with exhibition galleries, displays, working kitchens, seminars, lectures and workshops  Below are several such points of interest:

American Center for Wine Food and the Arts
Nestled in the oxbow of the Napa River in the heart of Downtown Napa, this 80,000-square-foot museum, cultural institution and education center will sit on 13 acres set amid 3.5 acres of botanical and working gardens complete with an outdoor concert terrace. The American Center will explore and celebrate the distinctly American contribution to the character of wine and food in close association with the arts and humanities. Art exhibition galleries, interactive exhibits, displays and working kitchens, and a lively array of public programs for all ages, including seminars, lectures, culinary demonstrations, wine tasting, and workshops are anticipated to draw 300,000 visitors annually. For more information, call (707) 257-3606


The Theatre at The Opera House Restoration  Opera House Theater - Opening Spring 2002 

In 1880, Crowley's Opera House opened with Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore. The Opera House became a community gathering place for political rallies, town meetings, musical comedies, melodramas, hypnotists, and minstrel shows. Actually, opera was never presented. In 1974 the Opera House was registered as a National Landmark, and in 1985 a group of concerned citizens and preservationists formed a non-profit group to raise funds and restore the theater. Now called the Margrit Biever Mondavi Opera House Theater, its beautiful Italianate facade was restored to its original splendor in 1977, and plans for the interior renovation are now underway. For more information,   call (707) 226-7372


 Napa Valley Wine Train   800.427.4124  1275 McKinstry St. Napa, CA 94559  Year-round scenic 3-hour gourmet dining excursions aboard lavishly restored 1915-1950 Pullman Dining and Lounge cars for brunch, lunch or dinner. Advance reservations required. 

Napa Valley Museum   55 Presidents Circle  Yountville, CA 94599  Details: The area's only regional, multi-purpose museum. Experience, celebrate and discover the unique cultural, artistic and environmental history of the Napa Valley. 

Phone: 707.944.0500  Web: 

Napa Wineries - Always call first hours and tasting policies 
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