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Monterey Plaza

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Monterey Bay Sunrise

Monterey Bay Kayaks

Cannery Row at Night


Monterey -- California Beach Photos of Monterey are simply can't fail images. Why? The splendor of this Central Coast Region (though it takes on a very Northern California look & feel) is something you can't imagine till you visit. Tourists love the Monterey Bay area vacations, and Europeans are especially drawn to this portion of the coast more than nearly any other place because of its village approach to living.


From your spectacular sunrise or sunset as that tiny ray breaks through the curtains in your hotel room, you have to get out of bed and grab a camera, no matter what time. I actually sometimes leave a break in the window on a 2nd or 3rd floor room and put up with the barking seals and sea lions all night in the bay because they help me wake up in the morning to catch those precious sunrise images as show above from a room at the Monterey Bay Inn.


Monterey has several great photo shops and offers much assistance to photographers. It's a photo-terrific place to visit, and you surely won't be disappointed. But--if you are looking for sunshine, the region has a reputation for some foggy mists, much like the San Francisco bay. So if that's what you get, plan your trip toward the optimal sunshine vacations that usually occur in September, October and November.



There is so much to see and do in each destination that our files now contain well over 50,000 images of California alone! Photojournalist & publisher Debbie Stock is proud to post some of her favorite images for viewing but does not permit copying. Note that all photographs retain copyright with the owner and may not be used for other websites or projects.  These photos can be purchased, however, for print publication for magazines, newspapers, brochures and special projects. Consumer sales are limited due to pricing. Information is available on the contact page.


With the advent of digital cameras, it no longer takes great skill to take photos. While some pictured below resulted from years of training and quality Nikon lenses, a decent camera and practice can help you create stunning photos of California. Beach Photos contains pictures from California Beach Photography - Beachcalifornia site that we were unable to highlight on the cities and beaches pages.


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