Little River, California Photos



Little River Inn sits gloriously upon a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the beautiful Mendocino coastline. Evening fog hung low in the air, while several cats hung around the front steps of the building while guests and local residents began to fill the parking lot and lobby of the dining room when the photo of Little River Inn above was taken.  One of Mendocino's talented chefs was busy directing his staff in food preparation for the evening and we realized that we needed to hurry up and place our reservation for dinner at the only restaurant available for several miles.


Quickly checking into a very clean room, we noticed a fireplace and sliding glass door opening to shaded sundeck with two lawn chairs and simply stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. Quickly unpacking and heading toward the main building to enjoy what would prove to be an outrageously delicious meal, something up the hill several hundred feet was too good to be true--a golf course and set of tennis courts.  


Ready to graze and then play, we ate till we could barely move and then sauntered back to the clubhouse and courts to see if we could bat some tennis balls around.  It was too late, staff headed home for the night but told us that we could check out the rackets and balls the next day, free!


Back to the room, a fire was lit, the sliding door kept open to hear the ocean and then we discovered that we could obtain VHS movies in the lobby to bring back to the room free. We watched a James Bond flick and decided to retire to the sounds of a crackling fire. Crackling soon turned to rumbles in the night. A storm arrived and flashed charges of bright lightning throughout the night. For Southern Californians seldom hearing a rumble, the storm was wonderful.  When we awoke, the tennis courts were soaked and electricity was out in a large area of Mendocino County.


Lucky for us, Little River Inn has its own generators with enough power to keep every room lit and supplied with heat, including the restaurant.  The locals who know this fact were back, dining on breakfast when their own kitchens had no power.  As the skies cleared and we needed to leave, we forgot about tennis and decided to wander north to the community of Mendocino, several miles away.  What a perfect stay!