Long Beach Claims it is More Pet Friendly than its neighbors

Second Street in Belmont Shore offers water bowls at entrances along the trendy retail and restaurant district's walkways. Over seven shops along a five block area have water bowls and sometimes treats for pets.


Its counterparts along Main Street in Seal Beach or Main Street in Huntington Beach offer little, if anything, for canines. Huntington Beach has a dog beach section and a cafe with a dog menu at a cafe next to the Central Library, but that pales compared to the hospitality of Second.

Wiskers, which opened about five years ago, was instrumental in introducing the water bowls and doggie treats. Canine crusader Justin Rudd's "Dog Zone' on the beach and dog parades on Second Street also enhanced the ambience.


Rinehart, born and raised in Huntington Beach, said that city lacks a thorough hospitality for dogs. He said it's pet friendly, but not as friendly as Belmont Shore.



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