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ANAHEIM--You don't have to visit Disneyland theme parks to enjoy the Disney experience. Time-bankrupt Southern Californians can drive 45 minutes to Anaheim and have an incredible weekend getaway.



Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County residents know the routine: You round up the family and hop in the car to sit on the freeway all Friday evening while attempting to escape the Big City. You waste a few extra hours looking at other cars, listening to music and wondering why you forgot that the last time you did this you said it would be the last time.



Are you taking a vacation to the Disneyland Resort area? The drive time was approximately 35 minutes from the beach. The assignment was to experience a vacation minus theme park entry. It was a tough assignment but someone had to do it. What we discovered was that natives burned out on Disneyland had a whopping good time just eating, sleeping, swimming, watching movies and watching crowds.