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California Beaches and Beach Cities Photo Tour Links offer a glimpse into the other interests and destinations California Beach travelers may find useful as resources for the beach lifestyle


California Beaches and Beach Cities Photo Tour contains a vast array of resources for planning a beach vacation..  With a focus on photography and travel information, the links below have been posted for further research into planning a perfect vacation. We love California AKA Cali, Calif., CA, Cal and the Golden State, but we like to travel to the outer limits, too. Be it Basel, Switzerland, Woodstock or Stowe, Vermont or even Little Rock, we're out there traveling and checking it out for the thrills that only a good trip can provide. Enjoy the ride!




Vacation Travel Channel is an around-the-globe travel website for the traveler in you seeking top vacations. Recent features from our world traveling staff include photos and stories about Italy, Switzerland, China and Canada. In the U.S. we've done in depth coverage as places such as Vermont, Hawaii, Mexico and Arkansas. www.Vacationtravelchannel.com


Some sites we recommend as great California resources include Calcoasthomes.com, a news guide to locating to California. Chris MacDonald, the editor, has made numerous contributions to our California vacation guide. Thanks, Chris!




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