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Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada, you can travel the continents and see some of the world's great landmarks on a single street known as The Strip or in maps, listed as Las Vegas Boulevard. Locals say they avoid driving there because the traffic is slow, drivers are unpredictable and several streets that run parallel allow you to get around faster.


But the point of visiting Las Vegas is to be close to the action so you donn't have to drive. When you reserve a room or suite at a hotel close to the action on The Strip, you can walk, walk, walk. In a few blocks distance you'll see a half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower, which allows guests for a fee of under $10 (subject to change) to ride to the top and get a bird's eye view of the city. Across the street are the palace surroundings of The Roman Empire at Caesars, and further along The Strip within view is New York, New York with an indoor shopping mall and exterior roller coaster ride that travels near the tops of the skyscraper buildings. Luxor includes a pyramid and sphinx. And at the Five Diamond Bellagio, an evening water show spectacular happens every 15 minutes to half hour. The water dances in motion to music played over an excellent speaker system with songs from Sting, Celine Dion and many popular recording artists.  This show is free to the public but guests can also dine at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant or at Bellagio with seating available to watch the show.


If you don't mind your kids seeing several huge billboards sporting image of women's scantily-clad bodies, then take the children to Las Vegas and give them an education they will not forget in what's billed as Sin City.


Las Vegas offers rides and attractions for children as well as adults and especially nice are restaurants such as Denny's and  McDonald's interspersed between hotels, resorts and casinos. Several convenience stores sell bottled water, shoes, shirts and supplies at affordable rates. You can stop at these places if you become parched in the dry desert atmosphere or your heels hurt and you need some flip flops or shoe cushions to ease those tired feet.

TRAVEL TIP: Bring comfortable walking shoes to Las Vegas and wear them. Also carry bottles of water or soft drinks to avoid fatigue and dehydration. There are ample public restrooms located along The Strip.


Everything looks fairly close but when you walk along The Strip, you do not realize how far away the buildings are as you lose steam in this desert city. Competition to obtain a taxi or ride buses that travel along Las Vegas Boulevard increases afternoons. There is a tram  that helps people get around quickly, a real plus for the very long Strip.

Now is the ideal time to visit Las Vegas during the fall, winter and spring seasons between October and April. The air is dry with temperatures generally in the mid 80s to lower 90s during the day and beautiful, breezy evenings. Las Vegas offers thousands of casino games, slot machines and all the gambling you could possibly seek. Even if you don't gamble, you should visit Las Vegas.


For those who have no interest or have not visited recently, the city has grown and changed tremendously and is worth at least a day or two of "education" and entertainment. It's a cultural experience in which kitsch meets class. Amazingly, the replicas of world attractions seem to fit along Las Vegas Boulevard in the icon locals call "California's playground."