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Laguna Beach Volleyball - Beach Volleyball in Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach--Volleyball in Laguna Beach is one of the favorite sports that you can enjoy right on the beach―and you can play the game right in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach.

We rank Laguna Beach as one of the top kids vacations beaches for several reasons and the volleyball is one. Next to the hotels situated on the sandy beaches and coves are games for kids to play, swings and slides for the tiny tots and trolley rides free in the summertime to get  the family around town. Traffic is somewhat congested in the summer months along Highway 1 in front of Laguna Beach Main Beach so the city has sponsored a trolley bus ride to accommodate those seeking to explore Laguna Beach.


There is no other beach town in Orange County that does this for its guests. Some 30 miles away in Los Angeles County's Long Beach there's a public bus system for tourists and locals; and to the south, there's the Coaster train to connect you from Oceanside to downtown San Diego via the beaches. But in Orange County, summer at the beach usually means sitting in traffic and waiting. While playing basketball at Main Beach you will probably notice the highway traffic in the distance, in fact.


Main Beach is the most centrally located beach of over 20+ beaches in Laguna Beach. There's one more beach offering volleyball nets, Thousand Steps Beach. At Main Beach you'll find a boardwalk, lifeguard tower, basketball nets, grass lawn, showers, public restrooms, shops and dining all within view of the sand volleyball courts.


The free nets for sand play at Main Beach are within walking distance to major hotels such as Inn at Laguna Beach, By the Sea Inn and Holiday Inn Laguna Beach.